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Life and Home

Putting the Diva in Domestic

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Life And Home - Life and a focus on the home.
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Putting the Diva in Domestic
Welcome to Life and Home.

This community is new, and still rounding out what we want to be. It's at the moment a catch all of life. What's going on with you? What advice do you have for others? What help do you need? For the most part this will be dealing with domestic issues, but the topics are going to have a bit of free discussion also.

So many communities that I used to read seem to have gone inactive. Lets start something new and fresh.

Settle back with a cup of tea or coffee and lets chat!

Also, let's all play nice and show respect for each other. Disagreements can happen, but lets all be adults here. Remember, there is a flesh and blood person on the other side of that comment. Treat others as you would have them treat you.

Social capital

  • less than 10